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Log Home Staining

Log Home Staining

The restoration and preservation of your log home depends greatly on the exterior being able to keep the elements out. If your log home is not watertight, you can end up having mold, mildew, and eventually rotting. On the other hand, if your log home does not block out the sun’s harmful UV rays, it can also lead to the degradation of the structure of your home. The most important part of log home staining is not actually the stain itself. In fact, the most important aspect of a good log home stain is getting the surface as clean as possible. Doing this allows the stain to do its job better and last longer because of the bond it creates with the log exterior.

The Process of Log Home Staining

The first step in log home staining is the cleaning and pressure washing. Next, we use a soft cleaning process to restore the wood to its normal state. In addition, we spray a product to protect your home from insects/bugs. Before we stain, we make sure all holes/gaps are filled with caulking. The caulk will keep any air, water, and insects from entering the cracks of your log home. Once these steps are completed, we begin to stain the home. We will work with you to determine what stain is best for your home, as there are a few things to consider when choosing a stain. Once a type and color of shade have been agreed upon, we will follow the manufacturer’s specifications for proper application.

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No matter how big or small your bathroom project may be, Wester Builders is the team to get the job done. We have over a decade of experience with remodeling and building homes and we would love to put that experience to work for you. Please reach out to us to see how we can make your log home look brand new again!