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Deck Staining

Wester Builders does not only build decks, but we also offer our staining services as well! Whether you have us build your dream deck or you already have a deck, we would be happy to talk to you about your deck staining project. There are many different options to consider when staining your deck. There are several great options for deck staining and we would be happy to discuss with you what those options are.

Staining a New Deck

When it comes to staining a brand new deck, the lumber that was used to build the deck will continue to hold moisture for several days after being built. The longer pressure treated wood must dry out, typically the better it will take the staining.

Log Home Staining

Staining an Existing Deck

A deck that has been previously built can be stained anytime. We can stain any deck whether it has been stained before or not. If you have a deck that has been stained and is showing wear and tear, we can stain over top of what is left. At times, an older deck can show some more serious signs of use. If that is the case with your deck, we can replace the unsafe parts before we start the staining process. For the areas of your deck where there is moderate damage or wear, we can stain it with a particular deck staining that helps to fill in the deeper cracks.
No matter the condition or size of your deck, Wester Builders can help you to bring your deck back to life!